Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday-Hmmm

Hmmm...2 accidents, Darth Vador breath, and 4 avocados later. Here I am. Do you ever feel like you're either the only sane person left in this world, or the most insane one? I drove a total of ten miles today to the bank and almost died twice. Okay, so I wasn't that close to dying but I just managed to avoid two accidents. As I was driving through the parking lot, this guy starts pulling out. I slammed on the breaks and leaned on the horn. To my horror, he kept coming and I was stuck. I laid on the horn and thank God he stopped with an inch between our vehicles. He opens his door and looks back dumbfounded. You mean I actually have to look before backing up? His music (and bass) were so loud I literally had to scream over them to be heard. I offered to get out of his way if only he would pull forward for a moment. Sigh.

With my heart pounding I walk into the bank and wait in line. All of a sudden (and I am not exaggerating) this lady walks up behind me and starts breathing on my neck. You all know how I am about my breathing space. No worries. I took one step forward. So did she. Again, with the loud and hot breathing. Darth Vador, back up!! Each step I took, was followed by one of hers. Ahhh.

After the bank incident, another guy cut me off and again just missed the front-end of my car. Another 'thank you God.' Do I have a target on my head today, or what. You'll be happy to hear that I made it to the market safely. I go to the check out with strawberries and Cool whip, and after ringing me up, the lady hands me a bag with four avocados it in. Uhhh....?


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Interview with God

Isn't *Interview with God* a neat link? It has been sent to me a couple of times but I still enjoy watching it. I hope it leaves you feeling inspired and renewed. Happy Sunday! Yay for new weeks and fresh opportunities.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back to school...

I spent the day with my friend Heather today. She is also a nursing major and APU. We really had a nice visit and a lot of fun. We both bought new scrubs for work and school, watched movies, and went shopping at three different malls (and of course Target).

The bad news...this is probably our last visit before we see each other back at school. I don't think we have one class together but we are going to try to go to the gym on Mondays, between classes. I can't believe my long and wonderful summer is coming to an end. Sad. Even more sad...I already have homework and I haven't gone to one class.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

As if putting on the TED hose wasn't enough.

Ha, I woke up early this morning to get ready for work and although I felt alert and oriented, I had major issues getting ready. As most of you know, I have to get up at 5am in order to leave by 6 because it takes me a while to pull it together that early in the morning. I tend to have everything laid out in my bathroom/walk-in closet area so that I don't disturb the husband or pup who are both still asleep for a good hour more. This morning I realized that half of my wardrobe remained in my dresser which is right by the bed. I tried, without much success, to quietly open the drawers and gather the remaining items. I woke Vince and Jake up and ran back into the bathroom before they realized what happened.

Now time for the TED hose. If you don't already know, TED hose are really tight support hose that you wear when you're going to be on your feet all day and don't wish to bring on the vericose veins prematurely. They take a good five minutes to pull on, so that the crotch isn't too low and the toes aren't constricted. I hate them.

...as if putting on the TED hose wasn't enough, I realized at the end of the day that my shirt was on backwards and my tag was the the annoying element that had been pushing against my esophagus for hours. Sigh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday-Kisses

I can not believe it is Tuesday again. I really don't think I would have posted a picture, had I not gone to check out joleen's artistic endeavors. Seriously, where did this week go? I spent the morning cleaning the apartment-exciting.

Okay, so I know it looks like I'm obsessed, but isn't my little guy sweet? We have all had moments in life when we could use an extra hug or kiss. Who doesn't what to be reminded of their importance to others?

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." -Matthew 11:28

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yum, Yum.

Last night I thought I would surprise Vince and actually cook him dinner. Hehe. Anyway, we both like seafood but he especially likes shrimp and salmon so I ran to the market to buy some fresh fish. While I was there I picked up some lemon herb seasoning. Yum! I marinated our seafood, baked it, and served it with rice and broccoli. I have never cooked fish before so I was a little nervous, but it came out great so I was pretty thrilled. Vince's response..."You're turning out to be a good cook...you know, when you actually make food." I think that's a compliment. :o)

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Do you see now, why the journal thing never quite works out for me? Some days I don't blog because I don't feel I have anything worth saying; the day was not eventful or I am way too busy to sit down at my computer at all. I am really enjoying this though, so I suppose I will pick up where I left off, each time I come back. The last few days have been so busy. I am trying to work a little extra before I go back to school. When I work (especially back to back) that is literally all I have time for. I get up at 5:00 am, work all day, come home at 8:00pm and get ready for the next day before jumping into bed. Wow...even this is tiring. :o) I am also trying to smooth out the rough edges in my 'organized' schedule from day to day. Anyway...I'm back.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Knott's Berry Farm

I would have to say that I had a great day today. Mom, Sarah and I renewed our Knott's Berry Farm passes and spent the day there. It was so relaxed, the weather was good and the lines weren't too bad. We didn't wait more than thirty minutes for anything. Of course we were nervous at first because of the amount of 'matching' T-shirts that were there but they seemed to have stayed in Camp Snoopy. You can view more of our pictures here. Thanks Mom and Sarah, for a great day!!!

Thank God for Aunts and Maybelline

What a surprise! Today, when I got home from the park and checked my mail, I had a package. I love packages. I saw that it was from my Aunt Kim and opened it right away...then laughed hysterically. A special thank you for the Maybelline mascara remover-for waterproof eye makeup. Hehe. Thank God for Aunts and Maybelline. I guess the Neosporin can go back in the medicine cabinet now.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Putting on the sports bra

They say that putting on the sports bra is the hardest part and that it's all down hill from there (haha, no pun intended). Some of you know about my recent endeavor or 'change of lifestyle'. I say this because it is far from being a diet. My goals are little and pertain to my health and well-being. There's no special foods and no restrictions; it's more to do with portion control and self-control...and this mornings calling to put on the sports bra. If there's such thing as a yo-yo exerciser, I'm it. This morning I am trying to think of this endeavor as a celebration of myself, and the gift of life.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday-standing here

I'm standing here now, consumed only by the quiet stillness of my heart.
Yesterday is long gone and soon today will be too; tomorrow is still far away.
Everything lacking goodness is faded; not that I alone am good.
My hearts desire is that the goodness brought to me, might also flow through me.
I am whole, and I am joyful.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Vince and my wedding pictures finally arrived today. I was so excited when I got the call to pick them up. It took long enough but they sure are beautiful. I can't wait to show everyone.

Summer Days

I took the girls to to get some Thifty's ice cream this afternoon to celebrate the ending days of summer. I think Deana wore just as much of her ice cream as she ate, but I guess that's half the fun when you're young.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

My 'Dear Dad'

My 'dear dad'
Click on image to enlarge.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

...and then some more

Look at that sleepy head! Friday morning, Jake and I got up and ready to leave at an ungodly hour. Know that I didn't wear mascara or any makeup for that matter. I had to work all day and since Vince was headed to Vegas with his buddies (and I didn't want Jake to have to stay pinned up for 13 hours) I took him to my in-laws. Now, recently my mom and I took our pups to PetSmart for puppy training. They both did great and were invited to advanced training upon graduation. I haven't been enforcing this new training, in the house, as much as I should but he's been pretty good nonetheless. I am told he had a great day, but let me tell you, he was a little tyrant when we got home. He hasn't been listening since. Hmm...

down, but not out

Didn't I just brag the other day about keeping up with daily blogs? Man! Well, the last few days have been quite eventful and although my blog has been 'down' for a bit, I'm back. Let's see, it's been three days...

Wednesday night...

'For external use only'

Hmm, I wasn't going to share this one but I guess we should all get a laugh at our own expense, once in awhile. Wednesday night I got home from a long day at work and naturally wanted to wash my face and freshen up for my evening with Da Vinci. I normally put on a bit of makeup before work but this particular day I thought I would go all out. I didn't have anymore mascara, so I moved to plan B. Waterproof mascara (which I always have for those special occasions, in which I might cry-yes, this is all planned out). Anyway, when the occasion requires, I have some eye makeup remover that takes off the waterproof mascara at the end of the day. I should only be so lucky. I didn't realize it but I was also out of mascara remover, so I moved to plan C.

I quickly racked my brain and vaguely remembered hearing as a young girl that Vasaline removed eye makeup. Wouldn't this be a great idea if I actually had some Vasaline. No worries, we moved to plan D. Suddenly it hit me that Neosporin has a very similar consistency (and sometimes use) as Vasaline. Do you see where we're going? What can I say, I'm a nursing major-I improvise. We should all take this moment to appreciate 'for external use only' labels. I put a glob of Neosporin over each set of eyelids. I really did think this was going to work. Not only did my eyelashes clump together, but I lost several and got Neosporin in my eyes.


'Little visitors'

little visitors

Thursday was truly a great day. Every year, my mom and I plan a beach trip and this was it. We don't have an adgenda while we're there; we usually bring books and lunch, and 'play it by ear.' To our great pleasure, Joleen and her charge joined us. We didn't get as much reading done but we still had a great time. It was the little one's first time on the beach and in the water. It was a blast watching her and taking pictures of her with Joleen. We had dinner together and walked along the shore, before calling it a day. In addition to Joleen and the babe, the little critter pictured above, joined us shortly after we arrived.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Da Vinci Code

I started The Da Vinci Code today. I have read five novels this summer but seeing as how I have nearly one month left to my break, I thought I would read a couple more. I am the last person in my family to read it and have heard nothing but great reviews. I have hardly 'broken the ice,' as I only had time to read during my measly little breaks. I love my job, but don't you think that for a twelve hour shift, one deserves more than an unpaid-half hour break?!? Me too. Tomorrow my mom and possibly Joleen (with her charge) are going to the beach. I am very excited because I don't have to watch anyone or worry about fading phone numbers. Tomorrow we are bringing our books and enjoying the outdoors (and of course the company of each other). I heard there was another thunderstorm headed to SoCal. Anyway want to wager?

On another note...I have been traveling no where without my camera and the one day I didn't bring it with me...Man oh, man!. I have to say that I am really enjoying this whole blog thing; taking the pictures, reflecting on my day, speaking on random whims as they enter my mind, and of course reading all those responses. Six days in a row-aren't you guys proud? No journal of mine has ever lasted this long. I know, it's kind of pathetic. On a serious note, thank you all for the positive feedback and encouragement.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My first 'self portrait Tuesday'

Will you just look at those short, chubby toes? Jeez! Anyway, this is my first 'self portrait Tuesday.' The picture was actually taken last weekend when I took my little sister to the beach for a day of fun and relaxation. If you know anything about Deana, you know you can't take your eyes off her for a second. Just for extra measures, I wrote my cell phone number accross her hand. Can you tell I don't have kids? :o) Of course this only works if she finds the 'right' person to lend her a phone. Hmm...perhaps I should revamp my security tatics before having my own children.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Last night my 'Grandma Um' (as I've called her for many years) took my parents, younger sister and me to a Japanese restaurant called Sakana. It was really a lot of fun. The chefs come out and cook the dinner right in front of you. It was a first time experience for all of us. Sadly, we had to say our 'goodbyes' when dinner was complete, as my grandparents are from Atlanta. I took the last week off from work and had the privilege of spending a lot of time with them during their visit. It was really a treat and I am going to miss their company until I see them again for the holidays. More pictures from Sakana can be seen here.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

too MUCH chicken??

It has been three days since I accepted my mission... to rid the world of chickens. LOL. No, I'm kidding, let me start over. It has been three days since I accepted the 'challenge' of maintaining my own blog. My only fear is that I am being sucked into the bottomless peril of cyberspace, only to resurface in time to join the real world on very important occasions-you know, like meals and potty breaks. Wow…only here are sentences that are that long, acceptable. Moving on.

My brother-in-law, Alex, suggested that I incorporate an explanation of the name of my new endeavor, in my next blog. I wish I had some fascinating story behind ‘too much chicken,’ but it’s really one of those “you’d-have-to-be-there” type of deals. I met my husband Vince, when I was eight but our little love story didn’t begin until three years ago. I was literally at an all time low; lying in a hospital bed, feeling like I’d been ran over by a semi and probably not looking much better. Yes folks, this is where it all began. Fast-forward a bit into the near future and out pops the word “chicken” from Vince’s mouth. It was directed at me (not used the way children throw it around to label someone who is scared-inadvertently, pressuring them into doing something) but in an endearing, nickname, sort of way. And it stuck. Most people call their loved ones ‘babe, hun, etc…’ Mine calls me chicken. Hmm, does this tell you anything about the relationship I have with my husband?

His response to my new name?... ::laughs:: ‘people are going to think you eat too much chicken.’ Oh, how I love him.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


(Deana-age 11-writing out her own idiosyncrasies)

I had the pleasure of spending time with my sisters yesterday afternoon. And what better way to spend time, than to think up unusual habits that mark (or mar) the personality of the others. While I scrapbooked, my oldest and youngest sisters went investigating into their lives, in an effort to 'discover' (or at least admit) five idiosyncrasies concealed in the hidden chambers of their being. I wasted no time pointing out their ::smiles:: 'uniqueness' to them. Let me tell ya-though she's lived less years, this was a lot easier to do with Deana, than Joleen-who seemingly came up pretty normal. It wasn't long before the table turned and the focus landed on me. Having been labeled from time to time with O.C.D., it didn't take a considerable amount of time (or even five seconds, for that manner) for my loving family to come up with many idiosyncrasies that I possess.

In no particular order-

1. I clean my apartment, always from the laundry room to the walk-in closet, or visa versa, but never starting in the middle.

2. I am constantly readjusting the placemats, as I walk by, so that they are the same distance from the edge of the table as they are from each other.

3. I sing and play Christmas music, literally, all year long. With much joy, I often share the songs that are stuck in my head, so that my family begins humming the same tunes.

4. Like my sister, Joleen (who tagged me-inspiring this blog), I cannot sleep if there is anything covering my feet-no socks, blankets, or anything else; my feet control my temperature!!!

5. I'm not sure if this counts as 'unusual,' but I almost always have toe nail polish on.

6. I run all my errands in a circle...I hate backtracking.

7. I spread PB&J on my bread, very lightly, but making sure not to miss a single spot.

Friday, August 05, 2005

And so it begins...

I've never been one to keep a regular journal and technology is rapidly leaving me behind every moment, so naturally I avoid both without much dismay. Believe it or not, I go about my daily endeavors and accomplish each task without so much as a second thought regarding either of the previously noted. My sister Joleen, and her husband (on the other hand) are both whizzes when it comes to technology and creativity. So much to live up to. My days are often filled from the time my eyes open in the morning until the moment they close at night and yet remarkably, (at times) I can look back at the hours past and not find anything I've done, meaningful. How does this happen?

Anyway, in an attempt to join the 21st century, my sister gave me a crash course on keeping a blog and sent me on my way. Oh how I love our visits. I haven't yet thought about the purpose of my blog or pondered the possibilities that lay ahead. Nonetheless, I am very excited about 'too much chicken' and I suppose it will evolve over time. And so it begins...