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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Four 'not-so-simple' questions

Well, I am two days into the new school year, and thankfully feeling great. This is a good thing, considering how much anxiety I brought home last night. I really wasn't too sure how I felt about taking psychiatric nursing but after today, I really don't think this part of my training could have come at a more perfect time. The better part of the past two years have left me hopeful but consumed nonetheless. I love what I do but there are times when if feels like it'll never get any better. In this particular clinical we leave behind the stuff and actually attempt to reach out to the heart and soul of our patients. We don't bring our clipboards or stethoscope; we don't even wear scrubs. The purpose is to listen to our patients and be with them as we discover aspects about ourselves and each other. Not everything that lies ahead, is within my level of comfort but I think this particular challenge will help me to grow personally as well as professionally.

...and so we were asked today, four 'not-so-simple' questions, that I would encourage you to think about too.

1. What is your greatest achievement, to date?
2. What is your biggest failure, to date?
3. What can others do to make you happy?
4.What would you like to change about yourself?


Blogger aunt kim said...

wow, that sounds like a challenge worth taking. though consuming as it might seem the rewards will be far greater than you ever imagined. i don't know if i am at a point in my life where that type of challenge is possible. hmmm who knows :) you on the other hand, have always been a great listener and your your heart is so open to all you let in. this should be eay for you :)

as for your questions? i need to give those some thought!

7:24 PM  
Blogger ♥ joleen ♥ said...

I'm so glad you're doing okay so far and are not already completely consumed. What an interesting semester this will be for you! A challenge as well.

Those are definitely 'not so simple' questions but I will let you know...

8:56 AM  

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