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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday-On Thursday

Well, it's Thursday, but here I am. I actually uploaded this picture on Tuesday but I got distracted and didn't know if it would be lame to post it so late. I suppose you're never too late in this business. Anyway, life has been good...I have managed to find a balance between 'home life,' school and work, but that doesn't mean it's easy. :o) I am really looking forward to seeing the family at Sarah's chocolate party, this Saturday (and pretty excited about all the chocolate too). In fact, I made the brownies days ago...j/k. I am looking forward to seeing Deana's been a long time. Anyway, I wanted to share these pictures from the other day. I took them during my drive to clinical. Don't worry I was sitting in traffic most of the time. Have a great rest of the week, everyone.





Blogger Joleen's Mom said...

Beautiful photos, Aimee. I sure hope you were stopped when you took them. Doesn't it take TWO HANDS to use the camera?

7:48 AM  
Blogger aunt kim said...

those are beautiful pictures! Reminds me of my vacation :) I too agree with your mom, it takes two hands to use the camera (most of the time anyway). Be careful :) Glad to hear that you are managing your time well. Its tough to do when pulled so many directions but just stay focused. Here's a little advice from your (experienced) Aunt: it's okay to ask our spouses for help. In fact it's crucial. Remember, they will NEVER live up to our expectations with housework, but at least we can teach them how to try. Tending to the house and cooking becomes more enjoyable if you work at it as a team.!! Love ya and see you at the chocolate party!!!

9:20 AM  

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