Saturday, January 28, 2006

IV Madness

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I don't have any shots of our 'IV madness' in action. Anyway, it went very well considering it was our first time. We practiced on a fake arm that simulated a human's arm both anatomically and even physiologically. Well, it wasn't warm but it did have blood flow! Ok, so it was colored liquid but I thought it was pretty darn nifty. Anyway, I was feeling very proud of myself when on my first stick, I got blood return (this was after several of my peers had attempted the same feat, to no avail). Go Aimee, it's your birthday...ok, so I was excited. Now time to stick a real person. I partnered up with my dear friend Kristi who, God love her, left two battle wounds on my right hand. Have you ever had an IV or blood draw in your hand? It hurts. It especially hurts if the needle doesn't actually go into the vein. Yeah. Well, luckily for us both her second attempt went much better!!! I on the other hand, didn't do quite as well. My first attempt merely punctured skin and as her veined sunk deeper, went along side it. I pulled it out and tried the other hand, as if changing hands was going to improve my skill. It was so easy on the dummy. At least his veins protrude and don't roll. Well, the second attempt didn't go much better and I may have struck a nerve but no worries, third times the charm. Since Kristi's veins are about as good as mine (they suck) my clinical instructor offer her arm. AHHHHH. No pressure!!! Anyway, I am happy to report that I am now a skilled ::wink:: IV starter. Her veins were as beautiful as my stick. I immediately got blood return and hooked up my saline flush. It was freakin' awesome.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hit the ground running...or not.

On the first day of the semester I was told that I should 'hit the ground running.' It was a time of new beginnings and literally a new year and I should embrace every opportunity to grow and learn. Well...I can't say without fabrication, that is what I have done. Sure, I've completed every assignment (some with minutes to spare before facing immutable deadlines) but instead of getting the jump start that was so kindly encouraged, I sort of just 'hit the ground.' For lack of motivation or blatent laziness I have taken my light course to a new dimension. The world looks quite different when you're laying down. Well anyway, for those of you who are aiding me in my endeavor to acquire an amazing education, you can breathe now. Breaks over and I am officially ready to begin my new semester. :o) Better late then never-I have picked myself up and am off....

Tomorrow I will start my first IV ever. Luckily for my peers, my excitement and confidence is currently outweighing the underlying fear of puncturing someone's precious vein. Hehe. So who wants to go first?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let's get honest...

Getting Honest

For some reason, all the positive juices that were flowing through me mere days ago, are a bit drained today. It's hard to be all that is good and right and still be real. I need to find balance. I need to find peace within myself. My deep need to control my environment is creating in me an uninhibited and cynical monster. Why can't I just whatever my circumstance? Why do I obsess over the possibility of things always being better? Why do I contemplate the 'if only'... I don't know. I really and truly have no idea. I have everything that should make me happy beyond imagination. I love my family and close friends and know that they love me. I have so much going for me and I am doing at 20, what some people dream about for a lifetime. I have a really good life and am not ungrateful...But still I can't help but feel like something is missing-like there's a big secret someone is keeping from me. I have a hole that at times feels eternally deep and my life has been spent trying to fill it. I'm not unhappy and I don't feel depressed, I just don't get it. I manage my life and precisely cross every 'T' but maybe that's just it...maybe my journey is one of letting go.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Beautiful Mind

Each day I have been finding new ways to respect myself-my body, mind, and spirit. This endeavor has proved to be a joy and I am finding that there are several areas in my life, where I am diligent in respecting myself already and having some fun. It can be so hard for me to be positive at times and lately I have been pretty least within the secret chambers of my mind. I must confess, I think this is even worst. I am not always as kind as I appear on the outside so I am working on creating a beautiful mind and while I'm at it I will take a good look at the inner workings of my heart. It's a journey but I am finding that that's what life is all about...finding joy in the journey.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Husband

I feel sort of bad because I was so good about blogging the pups birthday but husband's came and went without a word. So...happy birthday husband. For his special day we had a little gathering at the in laws. It was quite fun actually and some of Vince's friends came over to celebrate with us. The guys spent most of the evening playing poker and other card games. There were literally times when we had to yell to hear each other over all the noise. As always, he made out with gifts.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Jake!!

Today is my pup's 1st birthday. Look how small he was when I got him. The smallest harness didn't quite fit. Now he's huge (in comparison) and a bit more accustomed to standing in grass. Well, Happy Birthday Bud.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A little behind...again.

Okay, so I'm a little behind. Thought I'd share anyway. I went with my family to Las Vegas this past weekend, to bring in the new year. We spent hours walking the strip, shopping, watching movies, playing games, and having fun. We also went to see the dolphin exhibit and got some great shots. We only went to the casino for gambling one time and within an hour, I was carded. I wasn't even playing. My mom showed me many of her favorite slots and played a good hour and a half with $20. I had fun spending the time with her even though I mostly watched. Three more months!!! I am already saving my coins.