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Monday, April 24, 2006


Most of you know that I have recently taken to cooking, something that I should have started long ago. Well, it's certainly been an interesting yet fun experience. With little prior experience and a brand new cookbook, I set off not knowing exactly where to start. I had husband choose some meals he wanted to try and began a list of ingredients I would need to buy (which was everything). So far the project didn't seem too hard and fit well into the "layout, plan, and execute" format that I have mastered over the last few years of school. So, with my list in hand I went to the market...only to discover that I didn't even know what half of the items on my list were. Thank God my mom happened to call because otherwise I would never have known that dry sherry isn't in fact dry and my list of what sounded like foreign animals, were actually just spices. An hour and a half later, I was home and ready to cook.

My first meal, using all fresh produce, would have been a hit had I not misread one small ingredient. It looked good and certainly smelled good but the real test was going to be feeding it to husband (whose mother is a retired cook). When I finally tasted my first bite I realized something went terribly wrong. Immediately my eyes began to burn and I swear a drop of sweat collected at my brow. Taking a peak back at the recipe I read 1/8 teaspoon black pepper. Now, I honestly can't tell you how much pepper I added but I do know that whatever spoon I used, I added two scoops. I don't know about you, but there are no spoons in my kitchen that, when doubled, equal 1/8 of a teaspoon.

...and that was just the first dish. Since then, we have discovered that a garlic glove is one of the little pieces from the bundle and not the bundle itself, that directions are put in order for a reason and that peppers that look like jalapeños, but four times the size, are not in fact the same thing. We have a long way to go but I have to say that the process has been great fun. Husband has not only picked the meals but helped me cook them. We have cooked several meals together and early this morning we made breakfast, went grocery shopping, and worked out together. I love it...mistakes and all.


Blogger ♥ joleen ♥ said...

LOL! Oh, Aimee! You're so brave! :)

1:10 PM  
Blogger aunt kim said...

Sounds like fun to me! Don't worry Aimee, everyone has to start off somewhere. Just ask Uncle Aaron about the brownies :)

1:18 PM  
Blogger Simply Me said...

I AM CRYING LAUGHTER!!! It's been a long time since my first "cooked meal". I too didn't understand the ingredient list. Trial and error are the true ingredients in preparing meals. Try starting with something smaller and American. Build up to the hot stuff and for goodness sake.....get the proper measuring tools and add or subtract to your taste. Good luck and I can't wait to hear of your next cooking adventure. Aimee, if you are not putting your life on the blog adventures in journal form, please start immediately. These are treasure's in the cycle of your life.
Grandma Um

5:56 AM  
Blogger la vie en rose said...

i love this post!!! you had me laughing at your blunders through the whole thing. i'm not much of a cook either so i really admire you for attempting this feat. trey's the cook around our house so i just leave it all up to him. if cooking didn't make such a damn mess i might give it a whirl but hey, if you've got someone willing to do it for you why not abuse them...ummmm, i meant USE them....

8:33 AM  
Blogger Joleen's Mom said...

OMG I wish I was a mouse in your pocket. Sounds like great fun. I'm glad you and Vince are having fun together. Keep it up! You may not know it, but you're making the best memories of your life! Can't wait for you to cook for me. You've inspired me. I chose 3 new recipes out of my new book and they're on the schedule for this week. Let's share! I'm using a different book than you right now. Hugs...

8:36 AM  

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